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  • Emilee Hammond

The Normal College

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

What happens with all of those senior pictures over the years? Do they get filed away in some dusty cabinet, thrown out in the trash, sold in a garage sale for pennies? The life that this particular picture lived was a good life away from too much dust and grime. Michelle picked this treasure up and displayed it for all to see. It wasn't until a Google search months later that we found out the story of the "Normal College".

To our amazement the Normal College was an Teacher Training Institute that was started in 1890. Today the Normal College is called University of North Texas (UNT). On September 16, 1890, in a boomtown on the North Texas prairie, Joshua C. Chilton established the Texas Normal College and Teacher Training Institute with 70 students and these auspicious words:

“It will be our aim to become leaders in the education of the young men and women of Texas, fitting them to creditably fill the most important positions in business and professional circles. We desire the cooperation of all who believe in higher education and who want to see our state in the very front of intellectual as well as material progress.”

This picture of leaders in education has traveled many miles to end up in a shop in West Texas. If you would like it is still in need of the perfect home.

Find out more information about the normal college at UNT's website:

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