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A Beautiful Mess and Co is the hobby that exploded into a dream of Michelle. After collecting antiques for as long as she can remember and selling antiques for fun, "A Beautiful Mess" went from hobby to a full business. A REAL AMERICAN DREAM! Michelle has prayed over this store, since the very first booth. Now with an abundance of booths and her crazy family by her side "A Beautiful Mess and Co" is now a dream come true. 

Michelle is our boss lady (she even has a name plate to prove it!), interior designer, and mom. 


Lori in short is the hardest working, funniest, and kindest person you will meet. She does it all! Check-out, clean-up, and she keeps us all sane. Lori's cheerful voice and sweet smile will be the first things you hear and see when you step into our shop. 

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Aly is fun, energetic, and keeps us all entertained!!! We love having Aly at the shop! She is a real go getter and we would be lost without her. 


Always running in and out of the shop, Emilee will really make you think she doesn't work there. Always on the move Emilee keeps up with all of the IT and technology issues that arise within the shop. On occasion the stars line up and she is able to be in the shop for more than five minutes, she'll try her best to say hi and bye before she takes off.  

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